Mark Gajewski, California, USA:

"Your magazine is my inspiration. It is wonderful to have a publication that is uncompromising in its dedication to excellence, and put together in a very sensitive and highly intellectual manner. Thank you!"

Living Architecture Publishing is a Danish company, which since 1980 has published quality works in English, primarily about Scandinavian architecture and design.

We create abundant photographic essays covering exquisite modern and historic architecture. The exceptional photos are made exclusively for Living Architecture.

With Living Architecture architect Vibe Udsen and architecture photographer Per Nagel, have created books and magazines with a fresh yet serious approach to architecture and design, but without the somewhat dry and insider attitude that often characterizes architectural publications. Our mutual affection for beautiful and functional houses and buildings, both old and new, as well as good furniture, interiors, and design, provides the inspiration for our publications. In addition, Per Nagel’s architectural photography has always formed the basis for our production. These photos are presented exclusively in Living Architecture’s publications - never in other media, and reflect our personal notion of architecture.

Architecture is primarily a visual art form, which is sensual and textural and is of course best experienced in reality. Therefore  architecture should be depicted with photographs, which is the most important element in our magazines and books. When one has seen a building in Living Architecture’s publications, we want to leave the impression that you have almost been there.
From the very beginning, the purpose has been to convey the joy and pleasure inherent in good and beautiful buildings to so many as possible, and thus to inspire efforts to increase the quality in architecture and interior design throughout the world.

Our products are almost “handmade”. This means that we, and now also the next generation, Tue Nagel, are personally involved in the entire course of the production: research, photography, layout, text, printing, etc. This ensures that we can maintain an unusually high quality and create a rare unified coherence from idea to the finished product, as well as giving the books and magazines a very personal character and high degree of quality and authenticity.

Vibe Udsen & Per Nagel 
Per Nagel
Publisher/ Photographer
Vibe Udsen
Architect MAA/ Editor
Tue Nagel